Rumours that the Darkness set to reunite – love em or hate em, the Darkness played some awesome guitar

The Darkness @ The Tabernacle 2004
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So the Hawkins brothers (of the Darkness fame) are rumoured to be working together on some new material (since Dan guested with Justin’s band Hot Leg in Brighton last year and the rumour was definitely not denied by Justin*). Justin and Dan Hawkins produced some incredible tracks with the Darkness but the band split after Justin’s personal problems then allegedly buggering off to start a new band, Hot Leg without telling Dan and the guys.  Say what you like about Justin’s vocals, his ability on guitar is hard to dispute – same goes for Dan… with the guitar anyway.  To my mind, the Darkness never took themselves too seriously (although maybe Justin’s alleged rehab visits tell a different story?) and I was rather surprised at the hostile reception Justin’s current band Hot Leg received when they played support for Alter Bridge in Glasgow back in November 2008. I mean, dissing Sabbath was pretty ill-advised but come on… the Darkness and Hot Leg were pretty good.  Any band helping to bring back the popularity of the guitar solo is alright in my book.  I realise that Sabbath fans are not so forgiving and I don’t hold that against them.

* Not obviously anyway – keep watching Justin’s Twitter comments for updates. He did say that this second Sun rumour was true.

Thanks to Rock Radio for this Darkness story.

Justin and Hot Leg get a cold reception in Glasgow at the Alter Bridge gig:

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