Online Guitar Resource: is a huge guitar website dedicated to providing high quality guitar video lessons. For a small monthly subscription you gain access to 36 different, highly experienced guitar teachers in a huge range of guitar styles. The guitar video lessons are clear, concise and excellent quality, with numerous camera angles and extreme closeups showing you just what you need to be doing with your hands and fingers throughout each guitar lesson. This site has really taken off in recent years and is proving very popular amongst those wanting to learn guitar in this way. And for good reason… new guitar lessons are added from many different guitar teachers in loads of different guitar styles on a weekly basis. Don’t just take my word for it – check out these sample lessons:

Now for the stats… currently has:

  • 36 different guitar teachers
  • 378 hours of guitar lessons
  • 207 song lessons for guitar
  • 12 hours per day – the length of time instructors are online for live webcam guitar lessons and interactive advice

That’s a lot of online guitar course for your money. Interested in learning more about Jamplay?

We have lessons for new players and professionals. Beyond our hundreds of beginner lessons, we also teach jazz, blues, metal, classic rock, bluegrass, country, classical, fingerstyle, and hundreds of songs!