Listen to New Hendrix Track Valleys of Neptune – Whoooo goosebumps

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I’ve just heard the “latest” lost Jimi Hendrix track Valleys of Neptune ( and it gave me goosebumps – it was very odd hearing Hendrix playing on a track I had never heard before (although there’s posthumous Hendrix material I’ve yet to hear that’s released from the archives from time to time – I’m not a Hendrix obsessive).  It’s well worth a listen so check it out today.  His guitar playing is as awsome and tight as you would expect from a guitar legend (regarded by many as the greatest electric guitar player of modern times) and makes you ponder once again, (made me at least) what Jimi Hendrix would have produced had he not met his fate on September 18 1970.

The 12-track Jimi Hendrix album Valleys of Neptune is to be released around March 9 2010 and the title track can be heard on

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