Online Guitar Training: Guitar Super Stars

If you’re looking for a bit more variation from your online guitar training course, then you should consider Guitar Super Stars. The major strengths of this course are that lessons are broken up into different guitar genres, each with a different guitar teacher (learn rock guitar, metal guitar, acoustic guitar, blues guitar, classical guitar, jazz guitar and bass guitar).  Lessons are accessed via a dashboard viewable only to members and, as well as step-by-step lessons, you get access to:

  • hundreds of lessons for guitar,
  • regularly updated videos,
  •  jam tracks,
  • free online practice tools and
  • personal lesson plans. 
  • Not to mention instant access if you decide to buy. 


So how much does it all cost?   That’s the special part, the price is currently $47* (around £30 or 34 Euros) for HUNDREDS of lessons but this price is expected to increase so don’t hang around.  The site accepts major credit cards (secure-ordering) and Paypal for complete peace of mind.


If you’ve tried this course, we would love to know what you think of it so please get in touch (please put the keywords “Guitar Super Stars course” prominently in your message).  Any correspondence will be treated as confidential (and will not be published on GuitarSavvy).

* – This is the price at the time of writing – for the most up to date price, check out the Guitar Superstars website.