I started GuitarSavvy.co.uk to provide a resource for guitarists (as well as for myself) and as a way of sharing my passion for guitar, to get more people interested in starting to learn guitar, to help improve my own playing and to try to do the same for you, whether you’re a beginner guitarist, intermediate guitarist or advanced guitarist. I have a preference that leans towards rock guitar but will try not to let that sway the balance too much. So whether you’re interested in learning acoustic guitar, classic guitar, electric guitar in whatever style you love (classical, rock, blues and folk guitar) I hope to have something here for you.

The Guitar Savvy Blog is a chance for us to:

share our passion for all things guitar, get people started on guitar with a bunch of free guitar intro lessons and links to additional guitar course websites and just generally vent our spleens with some guitar and music-related articles. We hope you find something of use to you here. We earn money from commission so please help to support us by clicking on the ads and maybe buying a thing or two. We also receive a commission if you buy a guitar course or two so we won’t “review” these courses like all of those other “guitar” sites who rate them depending on the level of commissions they get paid. Any opinions are expressed after having checked out the course materials and/or actually buying the course to see for ourselves.

Want to learn guitar? We salute you!

Update: We are all grown up now and time is much more limited than it used to be so updates are much less frequent (you probably noticed).  When my boss discovers I’m making things up as I go along in my day job, I should have some more time to update but until then… peace.