Play Guitar-How to get started quickly with Online Guitar Training Courses by Jamorama

So you want to play guitar-how do you go about getting started without delay? Well, assuming you have your guitar, you could get check out the exciting, newly-updated guitar training course from Jamorama…

You are just minutes away from gaining access to one of the the top online guitar courses available today. Jamorama provides a tried and tested set of courses that will have even the most timid newbie guitarist playing songs on their guitar in next to no time.  There are currently two versions of the course: Jamorama Deluxe Edition (around $99.99 US – about £63) and Jamorama Standard Edition (around $49.99 US – about £32). Both versions represent incredible value for money (and there’s an 8 week money back guarantee for complete peace of mind) – they contain over 12 months worth of computer-based guitar lessons taking you from beginner up to intermediate and advanced lessons; the differences between the two versions of Jamorama is in the extras. The deluxe edition will take your playing all the way to advanced lessons such as lead guitar. The courses are compatible with both PC and Mac computers. For those who would like to sample Jamorama, why not sign up for the Jamorama free guitar lessons here?

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The beauty of it is that there is no waiting around – if you buy any Jamorama online guitar learning kit, you will have access in just minutes.  Further, you can learn at your own pace and play and replay lessons as many times as you need to.

The Standard Edition:

The Standard Edition is our solid rhythm guitar course. Whether you have an acoustic or electric guitar this course will teach you to play the commonly used chords, rhythm and strumming patterns found in most popular songs.

The Deluxe Edition:

The Deluxe Edition has everything in our Standard edition but takes you to the next level. The Deluxe edition has a Lead guitar focus which teaches you the skills to play scales and patterns used to perform guitar solos. There are additional jam tracks, Licks and Riffs and the best part is that when you are ready you can pick some artist songs from our SongPond lesson library and start working on those Classic songs.

The Hardcopy Edition (Books and DVDs)

We have made a hardcopy version of our standard edition. The DVD has a cool menu and allows you to navigate through our multimedia content using your remote control. The Hardcopy Edition will be shipped to your door and we also include online membership for those that would like to get started while they wait!

These courses are easy to follow and will build up your guitar skills in next to no time.  You can also see a sample lesson below:

Jamorama Sample Video – requires Quicktime add-on in your browser (from Apple Inc.)
Double click to play (or pause)…
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If you decide to have a go, the Jamorama secure ordering system allows you to pay by credit card or Paypal if you prefer.  International orders are fine, too.

Jamorama Online Guitar Tuition

So if you’d like to learn to play guitar-how I’d go about it is to let Jamorama get you started.