Online Guitar Courses

Play Guitar-How to get started now with Online Training

Online Guitar Courses
If you have the self-discipline to learn guitar online by self-study then online guitar courses are an excellent way to get started. Courses listed here come highly recommended as the top rated online guitar courses available and all can teach you to play guitar(how fast you learn is up to you – one major advantage to online guitar training is that you can work through guitar lessons at your own pace, repeating lessons as many times as you like. In addition, many online courses include computer aids for learning an instrument such as an online metronome and guitar tuner.  You may even want to interface your guitar to your computer to record your playing or to lay down some tracks although this requires some equipment (which needn’t cost the earth – guitar gear section coming soon).  You may think your playing sounds good at the time but playing back your own recordings really highlights areas requiring attention (unless you’d rather not know – my advice: better to know before you go on stage!).  Another major advantage is that you will have access to the guitar course material in minutes after you buy and there are no expensive shipping costs – and because there’s no printed material, it’s greener too! You can get started now… check out these courses and begin learning to play guitar. How do you choose the course that’s right for you? Read on…

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Courses come and go and the list below is currently a bit sparse but will be updated soon, hopefully.

  • Lick Library

    Online Guitar Lessons from LickLibrary As well as producing a positively VAST array of guitar DVD courses, there’s a great selection of online guitar lessons to suit your musical tastes and influences over at Lick Library – well worth checking out today.


    High Quality Video Guitar Lessons from Jamplay.comIncredibly diverse range of high quality guitar video lessons aimed at all guitar genres and all skill levels. Lessons for blues guitar, rock guitar, metal guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, speed playing to bluegrass.
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