Lead Guitar Skills

So for the intermediate and advanced guitarists out there who want to develop lead guitar playing skills, you need to get to know your way around the fretboard.  You can do this by learning the fretboard by ear or you can do it by some other systematic method of learning the note positions on each string and at each fret position (which will in turn depend on the tuning scheme of your guitar) but in order to be able to improvise, developing an understanding of the fretboard both by ear and by “eye” (or, more correctly by touch) is essential.


Now this is a daunting task for any improving lead guitarist, especially when confronted by a terrifying diagram of the notes on a fretboard.  Thankfully, help is at hand.  There are a load of guitar resources out there to help you get to grips with your guitar fretboard and to find your way around it in a fun and easy to learn way.


One online guitar training course is called Guitar Scale Mastery.  Learning scales is a necessary part of learning to play lead guitar and this course will help you to improvise guitar solos fluidly and to develop your fretboard and scale knowledge so that you instinctively know where to play on the guitar neck.


More to follow.

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