Rock and Guitar News

These are the top guitar and music news feeds at the moment on sites we rate highly (although this is not an exhaustive list). If a particular feed listing doesn’t appear try refreshing the page or click thru to the relevant site/page using the Read More buttons.

Music Radar News

Latest news from… the big hitting music and musical instrument website.

Total Guitar Magazine News

Total Guitar Magazine news… TG is one of the best guitar mags available for those with more of a bias towards rock and metal guitar playing.

Guitar Techniques News

Guitar Techniques Magazine is a great resource for guitarists of all skill levels. Build up your collection and refer back to the more challenging lessons as you become a better guitar player.

Guitarist Magazine News

The best all round guitar magazine er… around. Great for guitar news, guitar lessons, guitar gear, tab etc. etc.

Classic Rock Magazine News

Latest Rock News Courtesy of Classic Rock Magazine, probably the best resource for all things rock: