Tyler’s Revenge with Mic Stand

So the physical comedy battles between Steve Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith rage on. After recovering from being butted off stage by Joe Perry, Tyler accidentally smacks Perry on the head with a mic stand. Must have hurt a bit – Perry fails to see the funny side and throws a bit of a wobbler, chucking his guitar before disappearing offstage. See for yourself:

You just know this isn’t going to end well. Tyler is flirting with American Idol, Perry is becoming increasingly pissed with Tyler. There may be blood. And *sob* guitars are getting hurt. End this madness now, ya numptys.


  1. To be fair… it does look like a genuine accident, as did the push of stage incident. However, it’s all getting a bit Punch and Judy. I’m expecting crocodiles and sausages at the next gig!

  2. I agree, it looks like an accident – a pity Perry didn’t see it that way. His reaction (opting to chuck his toys out of the pram) speaks volumes. He appears to have lost it with Tyler altogether.

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