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So – weekly roundup. It’s nearly 2:30am, and I’m not feeling too compus. Is this really the best time to write this stuff? Here goes, anyway…

Guitar Hero

So Guitar Hero… the game…
The full track list of the latest incarnation of the divisive guitar game is kicking around. “Just cos you’re good at GH, doesn’t make you a guitar player,” some say… others say “GH introduces rock, hard rock and metal music to a bunch of kids who may have never experienced it before.” Anyhoo – I reckon I’m qualified enough to say GH has it’s place in the universe.
Guitar Hero track list is here.

On the plus side, I heard that Soundgarden, newly reunited, will release a new album to some players via the game so wahaay! I consider myself a Soungarden fan but not really a GH fan. I’ll maybe wait for the general release.

Tony Iommi’s Gibson SG

OK – more last week’s news but Some scumbag nicked Tony Iommi’s Gibson SG at a concert by the surviving members of Heaven and Hell played in memory of Ronnie James Dio who died recently after a battle with cancer. Hope someone, somewhere will out the thieving detritus.

Joe Satriani – New Album Imminent

Joe “Satch” Satriani has a new album due out soon. Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards (!) – having some trouble unravelling that particular title choice. Maybe when I hear the songs… or maybe not.

Rock Birthdays

This week saw birthdays for Robert Plant (62) and the late Dimebag Darrell Abbot (44) – any others I missed with my radical apathy (cheers to old mate Pete Bates for that tagline) – sorry – please feel free to update in comments.

Steve Tyler is American Idol judge

Spare me. Nothing much to add. Joe Perry summed up my feelings on this when he helped Steve Tyler take a stage dive earlier this week. As much as I love Tyler, I’d have done the same. As long as he wasn’t hurt this time. I’d hate for Liv and me to fall out 🙂

Right I’m declining fast so best get back to this in the cold light of day. This was if I say so myself, one of the slackest, laziest blog posts, I’ve ever written – I fell asleep no less than 4 times during the writing of it. Feel free to abuse in comments. Peace out.

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