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Suhr Modern
Dream Guitar

For some time now I’ve been looking for a new guitar, a special guitar of the up most quality and until recently I thought I had found it. The guitar I had set my heart and cash on was a Vigier Excalibur Supra, this guitar hits £1500, in fact I’ve seen them at £1800. This guitar had been tried against many others including Charvels, Caparisons, Ibanez and Suhr‘s. So on a random visit to my local store I thought, hey, I’ll pick it up and give it a wee seal of approval. I wasn’t playing well due to being cold but something else felt oddly missing. I started to blame the wee Egnator amp I had been plugged in to and as a result, a different salesman who had popped downstairs to fiddle on an acoustic changed amps to a Bognor Shiva and I must say, it was an impressive amp. So off I went blasting away on the Vigier when (as I thought) our time came to an end and it was time go head off to another store before closing time when I was told (by the little lady) that we still had time. So I turned round and noticed another guitar that I quite fancied having a go on even though I’d played them before, albeit a different model. The guitar was the expensive but handmade (like the Vigier) Suhr Modern. I cannot begin to tell you how good this guitar is, at least for me and my style of playing it was suited to a tee. This is not a review of the guitar, I’ll do that when I get my hands on it for keeps but lets just say that if you get the chance to play one, do it. The price is a bit of an eye popper at a staggering £2500 but I weighed it up against other guitar makers around at that price like the Ibanez Jem7V-WH retailing at £2350 and to my knowledge not hand built plus I’ve owned a Jem 77FP and played the Jem 7V-WH……….. Suhr all the way.

This video is not me, I’m much better looking 🙂


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  1. That’s my lovely Jem 7VWH you’ve played! Can’t believe you’re dissing it. I will rent a Samick Greg Bennett for you next time. 😛

  2. Whoa, less of the strong language! I think your collection would just shine with the addition of a Greg Bennett, rocks that man so he does, or something. The Jem 7VWH was used as a price comparison and now that someone (cheers Gray) clear it with me that the Ibanez Jem 7WH is NOT handmade (not that I’m saying all handmade guitars are better) but comes in a few £’s less than the Suhr, well like I said, get yer grubby hands on one folks and see for your self, It Suhr bowled me over.

    see what I did there?


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