Some cool steel-stringed acoustic guitar deals from Epiphone, Ibanez and Harley-Benton

Here are some great steel-stringed acoustic guitar deals to be had from Thomann this week. Click the Read More buttons to visit the guitar page on where you can check out more pics as well as hear how these guitars sound.

  • The Epiphone 1964 Texan Limited Edition Dreadnought. This guitar looks great and sounds even better. And will set you back about £250. Great value for a decent entry level acoustic guitar.
    Limited Edition Epiphone 1964 Texan
  • The Epiphone Hummingbird CSB – This little beauty has a rich, vibrant tone and is currently priced at £223 – down from £437!
    The Gorgeous Epiphone Humminbird - Savee nearly 200 pounds!
  • The Ibanez AW40ECE Electro-Acoustic Guitar. Another beautiful looking guitar with the famous “Tree of Life” fretboard inlay. There’s almost £90 off the list price on this one!
    The Ibanez AW40ECE Electro-Acoustic Guitar
  • Harley Benton HBF-200 NT – This folk-style acoustic guitar is Thomann’s own branded guitar. It’s currently priced at just over £165 (a saving on almost £90 off the list price!). This guitar is perfect for those looking for an good-quality entry-level acoustic guitar.
    Harley Benton Thomann Folk Style Acoustic Guitar 90 pounds off!

These aren’t the only steel-string acoustic guitar offers on at Thomann just now.

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