GuitarSavvy welcomes RedCustard

Ibanez PGM301Hey everyone… I know this guy who really loves to rip the fretboard apart (in a good way). He goes by the moniker RedCustard on YouTube and you’ll never guess what… he’s only gone and got onboard the GuitarSavvy bandwagon! Yes… RedCustard or “Vim”, as we like to call him, likes GuitarSavvy so much and supports what we’re trying to do*… so he’s going to produce some great guitar lessons and other stuff for us. So watch this space. In the meantime check out one of his vids here. And you can subscribe to the Redcustard Channel on YouTube here if you’re interested. Vim is currently playing the Ibanez PGM301 shown above.

Vim would like to teach the world to shred. And he’s starting with you lovely GuitarSavvy readers.

How good is your ear for guitar? Who do you think Vim’s guitar influences are?

* What GS is trying to do – share our passion for all things guitar, get people started on guitar with a bunch of free guitar intro lessons and links to additional guitar course websites and just generally vent our spleens with some guitar and music-related articles. We hope you find something of use to you here. We earn money from commission so please help to support us by clcking on the ads and maybe buying a thing or two. We also receive a commission if you buy a guitar course or two so we won’t “review” these courses like all of those other “guitar” sites who rate them depending on commissions they get paid. Any opinions are expressed after having checked out the course materials and/or actually buying the course to see for ourselves. Peace.

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