Slash in talks to play Download 2010 and other festivals/venues

Saul Hudson AKA Slash, Velvet Revolver concert...
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Slash is expected to hit the road this summer (for the Northern Hemispherers) after his new “solo” project hits the shelves in May. The Les Paul-totin’, tophat-sportin’ rocker, whose solo project includes collaborations with other rock royalty including Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and, er, Fergie Pea (apparently she can rock with the best of them, and she’s hot as well so no judegement from me) is in talks with the Download management to secure a slot at the Donington Park festival. Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge vocalist and guitarist) is the likely choice for frontman on the Slash tour. Talking to Radio 1 Newsbeat Slash said:
“I know we were talking about doing Download and there’s a couple of other ones. We’ll do some around Germany as well.”


Check out this unashamed, randomly placed YouTube vid of Myles Kennedy talking about his guitar rig. Only for those of us who get turned on by guitars, amp stacks and effects pedals.

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