Gibson Firebird X Launches in New York

So the Gibson Firebird X launch took place in New York City a few short days ago – here’s a vid of the guitar in action. Almost universally scathing comments from viewers, at least on the first couple of pages. I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed but I didn’t think it was that bad.

The guitar features an ash body, maple neck, three magnetic humbuckers with a piezo pickup at the bridge. The Firebird X has built in guitar effects processing and the Gibson Robot automatic tuning system.

It’s due for release on 11 December 2010 and, in the US at least, the suggested price tag is $5570. Ouch. Only 1800 units will be made – in the first run at least.

I think I’ll save my pennies for a Gibson Les Paul Standard or similar thanks all the same.

Read Music Radar’s story on the Gibson Firebird X here.

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