Countdown to Download 2010 – Which rock/metal acts from the lineup will I pick tonight?

OK – so tonight I think we should have a little bit of… Saxon, Stone Temple Pilots and one of the loudest, most eardrum crunching acts on the entire blue planet motörhead!

So Saxon opened for motörhead at the Glasgow gig I saw them at a couple of years ago at the Carling Academy (now the O2 Academy) in Glasgow. I had never really been into Saxon all that much, I mean I had >British Steel and a few other random bits and pieces from the Saxon back catalogue but I was never what you would call a die-hard Saxon fan. So I was really surprised when they took to the stage. they were loud, funny and managed to crank up the crowd to more than respectable levels (not an easy job in Glasgow). I have to say I thought they were pretty damned good. At Donington Park next week they’re on the Maurice Jones (main) stage on Sunday at 12:35pm. So here is shameless Youtube vid number 1 – Saxon playing Wheels of Steel live:

Next up…

Stone Temple Pilots… not to be overshadowed by the messy D.I.V.O.R.C.E. from Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland’s once former and now current band are making a huge push for supergroup status. Relatively unknown in the UK (not completely unknown – STP fans, please don’t get too annoyed – I’ve been a fan since hearing their track on the soundtrack album to the movie The Crow– entitled Big Empty – The Crow is one of my favourite soundtrack albums of all time), Stone Temple Pilots with Weiland back at the helm are sure to be one of the highlights of Download 2010. So here’s the Youtube vid of a live performance of Big Empty:

Finally, motörhead. Now to anyone reading this who hasn’t heard of motörhead… I have one question… are you not from the around these parts? (meaning the civilised and uncivilised world). One of the downright dirtiest hard rocking, JD drinking bands out there, motörhead and particularly frontman Lemmy Kilmister are the very definition of the word “rockers”. As well as the customary motörhead live vid I’ll put in the trailer for the possibly forthcoming (or possibly not, who knows) Lemmy movie – see what Lemmy’s peers have to say about the great man. This is the same Lemmy who, after blowing away the O2 Academy in Glasgow was found asleep on a park bench in the wee-small hours of a cold November morning on the Clyde-side, having failed to make it back to his hotel, with just a bottle of JD for company. Found by a Rock Radio listener, Lemmy was gently awoken and after thanking the fan, made his way back to his hotel as though this sort of thing happened every day. Come to think about it, it probably does.

motörhead are also playing the Maurice Jones Stage on Sunday 13 June at 5:25pm.

So the vids:

If this doesn’t get you fired up for the Download Festival 2010, check your pulse.

Who should we have next?

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