ZZ Top Have been around for a while now – but do you know how long?

Well, the ZZ Top boys have been together as a band for 40 years this year!  I mean the famous ZZ Top beards are a bit whiter now but the blistering blues rock is just the same.  ZZ Top have had some amazing hits over the years, Sharp Dressed Man, Legs, Gimme All Your loving and, my personal favourite, La Grange (see below) and the band consisting of lead guitarist Billy Gibbons (The Reverend Willie G), Dusty Hill (Bass guitar) and Frank Beard on drums and percussion are the same line up since formation in 1969.  Few bands can make that particular boast.  Gibbons himself is one of my all time favourite blues rock guitarists and if you want to learn to play blues guitar, you could do far worse than to have Billy Gibbons as one of your influences.  The characteristic beards aren’t going anywhere either – despite the Gillette Company offering Billy and Dusty a million dollars each to shave them for a television commercial (both refused saying that they were too ugly without them – respect!).


If you’re not acquainted with the career of ZZ Top (from supporting Janis Joplin to playing the 2009 Download Festival), now’s your chance.  If you are, why not re-acquainted yourself with one of the finest rock and roll blues bands around. 

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