Wannabe shred guitarists rejoice – Dragonforce Herman Li (Ibanez) European Workshops

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Probably one of the fastest shred guitarists around at the moment, Herman Li (Dragonforce) is putting on a series of workshops at several European venues. These events are sponsored by Ibanez and attendees will be able to see Herman shred (although , like the wings of a hummingbird, they won’t be able to see his fingers (oh purlease!)). In addition, those lucky enough to attend will be able to field questions for Herman concerning guitar technique, gigging and his experience of the music industry, generally.

Additional dates to follow but for now here’s the confirmed list so far:

9 March 2010 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – Feedback
10 March 2010 – Saint-Nicolas, Belgium – Key Music
11 March 2010 – Niederlenz, Switzerland – Musik Produktiv Schweiz AG
12 March 2010 – Pfaeffikon, Switzerland – Seedamm Music Store
13 March 2010 – Morges, Switzerland – Boullard Musique SA
14 March 2010 – St. Gallen, Switzerland – Musik Shop
16 March 2010 – Nancy, France – Music Academy International
17 March 2010 – Toulon, France – Le Vox – Steel Music – La Garde
18 March 2010 – Trento, Italy – La Pietra Music Planet
19 March 2010 – Modena, Italy – Lenzotti Strumenti Musicali
20 March 2010 – Barcelona, Spain – Rock and Classics S.L
22 March 2010 – Seville, Spain – MAT Guitar & Bass
23 March 2010 – Lisbon, Portugal – Music Factory
27 April 2010 – Guildford, United Kingdom – ACM
28 April 2010 – Birmingham, United Kingdom – PMT

For more information about this, you can visit www.hermanli.com (although at the time of writing the site appeared to be down).

Additional Info on Herman Li and Dragonforce:
Dragonforce have been around since 1999 and have 4 studio albums to date (Valley of the Damned, Sonic Firestorm (both of which have just been re-released), Inhuman Rampage and Ultra Beatdown) with a fifth due out in 2011 (unconfirmed). Herman Li himself is well known for his blisteringly fast guitar playing and has picked up numerous prestigious nominations and awards as well as topping numerous guitar mag readers polls:

Best Shredder Award: Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2009
Best Metal Performance “DragonForce” Nomination: Grammy Awards 2008
Best New Talent: Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007
Best Metal: Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007
Best Shredder Award: Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2005
(Herman Li info courtesy of Wikipedia)

Thanks to Ultimate-Guitar.com and Blabbermouth.net for the heads up.

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