Slow down complicated guitar licks without affecting pitch – nail those fast licks in your favourite songs

Riffmaster Pro Guitar SoftwareHave you ever wanted to learn to play one of your favourite songs on guitar (or bass or drums or keyboard) but can’t break down the notes/beats in a particularly complicated guitar solo? This software allows you to take an MP3 file (and other formats) for the song you want to learn, select and loop a section of this song and play it back at whatever speed you like without changing the pitch of the song! There’s even a graphic equalizer to let you reduce the impact of the other instruments or the vocals of the song so you can hear the part you want to master. The software is called RiffMaster Pro 3 and is available to buy online. You can even try out RiffMaster Pro 3 for 10 days free of charge. Then, if you think it will be useful to you, you can buy a full license. Check out the demo video below or see more demo videos of the software in action.

If you’ve got this software, we’d be grateful if you’d let us know your thoughts about it. You can add your comments below.

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