Slash attacked on stage and then just keeps on playing

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What does a pro guitarist do when something unexpected happens on stage?

He or she keeps on playing. Slash shows yet again he’s as cool as a cucumber on stage. A quick fix of his Gibson Les Paul by a roadie and Slash carries on playing Sweet Child o’ Mine as though nothing happened. What a pro!  Check out this footage of the incident that has materialised on YouTube in the last few of days.

Not sure what the point of the raging numpty who rushed him on stage (at 01:15 or so) was but NOBODY ruins the Sweet Child o’ Mine solo. Nobody. Well I know some people who do, but it’s unintentional, I suppose.  I’m sure rushing at Slash on stage was worth the kicking the fan probably received in the pit (maybe).

Anyone know what this fan’s issue was?

I’ll try to find out.

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  1. Follow up from Classic Rock Mag

    I Heart Guitar: So what’s with some jerk tackling you on stage the other night?

    Slash: Now that all the facts are out, it was just some drunk guy who got on stage. It doesn’t seem like he had any ill will. What happened was he came up behind me, and he’d managed to get up on stage and my security guard came up and tackled him, not knowing what this guy was necessarily capable of or whatever. So the real melee was the tackle (laughs). He basically deflected the guy off of me, and somehow the guy had managed to be hooked on to my guitar, which I let go of, all in a split second. They went off the edge of the stage, my guitar hit the ground and I picked it up and continued playing, only to find that it was broken, so I had to switch guitars and finish the song. It turned out to not be that big a deal, but you never know exactly what it could have been.

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