Shamefaced – it seems I’m the last to hear about this guy – Andy McKee knows his way around a fretboard…

Don’t try this at home guitar-newbies (although I’m not saying don’t ever try it cos it clearly works). This guy (Andy McKee) knows how to play for sure but has one of the most unconventional acoustic guitar styles I’ve encountered. This vid (the song is called “Drifting”) has over 23 million views on YouTube so it’s quite embarrassing that I’ve never heard of him until now… I’m clearly not doing my [night] job properly.  I will try harder. 

Anyway, Andy hails from Kansas, USA and plays a highly effective percussive form of guitar (uses the body of the guitar as a drum as well as putting a lot of two handed tapping into his acoustic guitar playing).   In a recent interview with Total Guitar Magazine, Andy says that since the YouTube thing is paying off (probably understating things a bit there), there will be more videos of him coming your way in the not too distant future. 


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