Metallica’s James Hetfield celebrates in style at Sonisphere…

A happy belated birthday to James Hetfield, who received a cream pie shower courtesy of the rest of the band, the crew and family after bringing the incredible Sonisphere Festival 2009 to a close on Sunday 3rd August 2009.  The Metallica frontman and  rhythm guitarist received a rendition of Happy Birthday from the crowd before giving a brief speech (see below).  For many, the band were the absolute highlight of the whole weekend.  The Sonisphere Festival 2009 in Knebworth was declared by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich best of the six Metallica have so far played.  The festival saw the last ever European gig from Nine Inch Nails as well as the final ever gig by Thunder (who were, according to Rock radio’s “Beard of Doom”, Tom Russell, not really on their usual form). 


Rumours about next year’s line up are aready circulating so watch this space (clue:  a torture device made of a metal that rusts… answers on a postcard).


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