Learning guitar from a guitar magazine is cool because…

1) The guitar magazines that are out there contain clear, concise and well written articles and well thought out guitar lessons;
2) They come jam-packed with loads of accurate guitar tabs and songs/pieces for you to learn, whatever guitar genre you want to play or whoever your guitar influences are;
3) They come with a CD and/or DVD to let you hear what you should be playing, helping to make sense of the tab. Video lessons are also provided in many cases;
4) If a lesson or song is too hard, you can return to it at a later date when you’re more capable of attempting it (provided you keep your magazines and the attached CD/DVD safe*) and
5) They’re written by like-minded individuals to yourself, who love playing guitar, have similar musical tastes (depending on your guitar magazine of choice) to yourself and showcase/review all the mouthwatering guitar gear you would sell your kneecaps to own.


Of the many ways of guitar tuition, magazines are excellent because of the variety, the huge range of guitar lessons and challenging songs to improve your guitar skills for just a few quid each month.  Far cheaper than formal guitar tuition (cheaper still if you take out a subscription).

Head over to our learn to play guitar – guitar mags section to check out some of the top UK guitar mags around.


* – I was just this evening going through all my back issues of Total Guitar Magazine (TGM) to put all of the CD guitar lessons/tracks onto iTunes.  Now I’ve been a subscriber of TGM for quite a few years (since issue 130) and my collection since that time is sadly missing 2 magazines and 4 CDs.  I’m now wishing that I had taken better care of my collection because there was a killer two handed tapping lesson in one of the missing issues that I wanted to have a go at (I plan to see if I can get a hold of back issues).  So if you subscribe to any of these mags, please look after them and file the discs away somewhere safe when you’ve finished with them as you’ll surely want to go back to them one day.  Peace.


A random two handed tapping Youtube vid. This guy is worth checking out.

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