Heard the one about the clumsy airline baggage handlers, the $3000 Taylor Guitar and the revenge of the little guy?

There is some follow up news to the interesting case of the dude who, while waiting on board a plane happened to see some baggage handlers allegedly being less than careful with his rather expensive Taylor acoustic guitar.   In case you’re not familiar with the back story, Dave Carroll and his band mates, Sons of Maxwell were so mad at United Airlines who apparently didn’t give 2 hoots about the broken guitar (allegedly), they decided to write a song about it – “United Breaks Guitars”.   In addition to instant global fame – the video has had more than 2.7 million hits on Youtube – a call from Oprah Winfrey and valuable publicity for the band and their music, the guys got a result when United Airlines paid out $3000 in his name to a music education charity known as the Thelonian Monk Institute of Jazz.  Yay for the “little guy”!

Check out the song clip:

In response to this, Taylor Guitars released a response video highlighting the support for Dave as well as providing some advice on travelling with your guitar and just how much damage a guitar can sustain before it is considered irreparable.


Source:  The Chicago Tribune

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