Bath International Guitar Festival 09 is on 24 July – 8 August 2009

The world famous festival and summer school for guitar, Bath International Guitar Festival 09 (IGF09)  is coming 24 July to 8 August 2009. 

There are courses  for all levels and ages and IGF09 features  some of the best guitarists around in workshops, performances and even late night jam sessions in the following styles of guitar:

Blues: Matt Schofield, Aynsley Liste and Danny Illet

Resonator acoustic blues and slide guitar: Ash Grunwald

Funk and Beyond: Jason Sidwell and guests, the Jamiroquai band

Rock/Metal: Martin Goulding, John Wheatcroft, Charlie Griffiths, Jonny Scaramanga, Toby Pitman, Jim Clark and Stephen Lawson of Total Guitar Magazine

Acoustic Guitar: Tristan Seume

Fingerstyle: Clive Carroll and guest Martin Simpson

Jazz: Dario Cortese

Bass Academy: Dave Marks and guest Stuart Hamm

Media partners include some of the finest guitar magazines you’ll find: Guitar Techniques Magazine , Total Guitar Magazine and Guitarist.

Just AnnouncedGuthrie Govan and the Fellowship live at the OGF workshop and gig on 6 August.


Visit the official IGF09 webpage for more details.


The clip is from IGF08 and features Matt Schofield playing blues guitar:

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