Happy Birthday Dr Jim Marshall, founder of Marshall Amps and inventor of the stack: 86 years old today!


Dr Jim Marshall
Dr Jim Marshall

Dr. James Marshall OBE is 86 today (born on 29th July 1923).  Inventor of Marshall Amps, Jim Marshall, also known as “the Guv’Nor” or as “The Father of  Loud” started out as a drum seller and teacher in London in the 1960’s, before moving on to selling Marshall-Amplificationguitars and amplifiers.  It was at this time that Jim Marshall decided to have a go at making his own amplifiers, with the help of some techie friends.  Before long, he was producing bespoke stacked amplifiers for the likes of Pete Townshend and John Entwistle of the Who, Cream (Eric Clapton and Co.) and Jimi Hendrix.  Today, Marshall Amps is one of the most popular amp companies globally and Marshall Amps are used by many prominent artists including Slash, Zakk Wylde and Lemmy (Motorhead).   Modern day Marshall amps come in loads of models from the Modern to the Vintage series, valve amps to solid-state amps for guitar and bass guitar.


Happy Birthday Jim Marshall!

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  1. Happy B day top dog!I love your amp equiptment and use my friend’s stack.Always wanted to own one.Never could afford it though.Someday I will.I play a Gibson Les Paul that took me 4 years to save up for.Probably will take another 4 years to save up for the perfect amp(Marshall, of course).Again,Happy Birthday Mr. Marshall!Maynard Gower.

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