AC/DC’s Brian Johnson news again… source claims AC/DC frontman wants to quit the band because…

… he’s getting too old for the grueling global AC/DC tour (like the Black Ice tour, currently in the USA-leg).  Brian Johnson, who is 61 years old is about ten years older than the rest of the band and is keen not to be seen to be carried by them.  The source (reputed to be a long term friend of the band) said that some nights are better than others for Johnson when AC/DC are on stage but that the frontman is “struggling”. 


Importantly, AC/DC are committed to recording another albumand hope to do so with Johnson in place but whether the AC/DC frontman will tour with the band as part of the album release is not known at this stage.  If Brian Johnson does decide to quit the band, the Brothers Young and the band will look for a replacement singer (good luck with that one… Johnson, similar to the late Bon Scott, has an amazing but rare rock and roll voice that will be hard to top). 


If the singer does leave, it will be an amicable departure and there are reported to be no hard feelings involved.  The AC/DC singer’s other interests include vintage car racing (did anyone see the interview with Brian Johnson on BBC’s Top Gear earlier this week?  He should do well, with the right car, we think.) and musical theatre.  Here’s another clip of AC/DC on their Black Ice Tour (Hampden Park in Glasgow on 30th June 2009) just to remind ourselves why the day Johnson quits will be a sad day indeed:




Thanks to Rock Radio Scotland for this story.


  1. You may have to wait until after Download 2010. Maybe they’ll do an INXS style rocko-doco on the search for a new frontman!?

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