Guitar: The Movie This Time It’s One Louder Than 11

I love guitars. And I love movies. And I love movies with guitars in ’em. So here’s some classic scenes from some of the finest movies with guitars in them. Hey, I know this isn’t the most verbose post in the world, but these guitar movies are (for the most part) ace. Love them.

What are your classic movie guitar moments? (Note, the only reason I didn’t include the Back to the Future Johnny B. Goode scene is because the YouTube vids were either embed-disabled or rubbish). Some of these vids contain plot spoilers (and sweary words) so if you’re considering watching them at some point, beware.

The Karate Kid meets Devil’s henchman, Steve Vai – note: Spoilers (Crossroads (1986))

Tenacious D blows the audience (and theDevil) away with Master Exploder and Beelzeboss (Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny (2006))

Duelling Banjos – nuff said (Deliverance(1972))

I too would raise the bridge, file down the nut and take the buzz out of the low E – (Wayne’s World (1992))

It’s one louder… (This is Spinal Tap (1984))

God gave rock and roll to them (Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1988) and Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey (1992))

The Late Great Jeff Healey (Road House (1989))

Schneebly/Dewey Improvs (School Of Rock (2004))

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