All quiet on the Guitar Front?

Sorry folks – it’s been awfully quiet from us for the last wee while. I’ve been in jail. Well not jail exactly… more like purgatory. Well, holidays and the inevitable, horrendous work catch up. And coming back from 35 degree sunshine to the pishy weather in my beloved Glasgow was a bit of a downer. I’m not the only person here but the others seem to be lazy procrastinators. Actually, noone’s heard from Grim for a while – the bottles of cheesy milk are building up on his doorstep, newspapers are blocking the letter box. and there’s a funny smell near his front door. I’m sure he’s fine though. Vim, on the other hand has been busy putting some shred guitar vids together and tabbing them too, so watch out for those coming soon. We’re looking forward to hearing a lot more from Vim very soon.

So while I’ve been inside, the world of guitars and rock and stuff rumbles on. Iron Maiden, Rammstein and friends ripped up Knebworth. Any new Rammstein fans out there? Forgiven them for shortening their set, yet? Motley Crue had some tech problems leading to speculation that several members of the band had in fact, died years ago, were brought onstage Weekend at Bernie’s- style but the tape and several of their strings broke. Nikki Sixx turned things around with the increasingly disgruntled fans by actually acknowledging them – it was all allegedly a bit too much for poor old Mick Mars who took a load off his age-ing pins, playing some of the set on his arse (well, he played while sitting on his arse). Did we get to the bottom of why that was by the way? All joking aside (bad taste) – he’s not a well chap but his playing is still blistering.

Steve Tyler and Joe Perry are at it again… this time over Tyler’s next day job – filling Simon Cowell’s trousers.
Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot was allegedly rather miffed at running out of time during his High Voltage festival slot with new side project Down’n’Outz and may have been involved in a back stage ruckus with some crew and Ian Hunter (Mott the Hoople). The crew in question cut the power… ooh… big mistake.
Fear Factory narrowly avoided being cooked in their tour bus:

Plenty more has happened but I’ve still to get around to reading about it. In the meantime, I have two issues of Total Guitar Magazine waiting for me to open. Happy days.

Happy plucking.

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