United Airlines Guitar Guy story still in the news…

… almost 10 minutes of airtime was devoted to this story on BBC Breakfast television this morning (23/7/09). The new spin on the story was, unless I’ve got my wires crossed, that United Airlines share prices have been affected.  A quick glance at the Google share prices for UAL Corporation does indeed indicate a drop of almost 10% (whether this is down to the Taylor guitar-incident or not, I cannot say… I’m sure it has nothing to do with UAL Corp releasing their 2nd Quarter results on 21 July 2009, with a $323 million net loss).


Anyway, back to the BBC coverage… the whole question of social networking and the effect that the song by United Airlines Guitar Guy and his band has had on one prominantly featured United Airlines staff member was debated but my limited attention span failed me at that point (well it was 7-something in the am).


Also, United Airlines are (allegedly) going to use the video (see below) produced by the UAL Guitar Guys in future staff-training sessions. A nice positive spin by UAL Corp there?

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