Rammstein news: The world video premiere of the first single from the new album…

… will be shown this Wednesday (16 September) at 10pm CET. The new Rammstein track is called PUSSY and the video looks like it may be a bit dodgy so if you’re easily offended by sexual images, stay away(or maybe you’re planning on checking this out on a work computer… be careful). Here endeth the public service message (you can’t say I didn’t warn you). If you’re still interested be sure to head over to X-Net at the time shown above. Following the link now will give you a few flash (“flash” being the operative word) preview images – again be cautious in case your great Aunt Mathilda or your boss is looking over your shoulder.

The new Rammstein album is called “Liebe ist für alle da”  or “Love is for Everyone” and will be released on October 16 2009.  There will be a standard version of the album and a deluxe version with 5 additional tracks.

So to whet your appetite, a couple of Rammstein videos you may or may not have seen already.  If you’ve never really got into Rammstein, now is the time!

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