Happy birthday Gene Simmons of Kiss. The Kiss bass player and vocalist is a youthful…

Gene Simmons Rocking his axe... image from Wikipedia

… 60 years old today.  Born on this day in 1949 (Haifa, Israel), Chaim Witz as he was known then, emigrated to the USA (New York City) at 8 years of age), with his mother.  He took the name Eugene (“Gene” for short) Klein then later Gene Simmons.  Simmon’s started the band, Wicked Lester before Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar) and Gene Simmons (bass guitar) moved on following a les than amicable split with the remainder of Wicked Lester.  They joined up with drummer Peter Criss who had placed an advert looking for band members.  Finally, Criss, Simmons and Stanley held auditions for a lead guitarist before the gig finally went to Paul “Ace” Frehley.  The boys became “Kiss” and the rest is history (you can Google it or check Wikipedia if you’re craving granularity). 


So Kiss are still going strong and there’s still talk of a 2009 studio album release.  I’m afraid I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of this, but if I don’t post now, his birthday will be over (Greenwich Mean Time).


As well as music, Simmons has a number of acting roles under his belt.  Check out this trailer for 1986 film Trick or Treat guest starring, among others, Gene Simmons and the legened who is Ozzy Osbourne playing an evangelical preacher no less! (See 0:29)


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