Gurning Guitarists

While doing some research for my continuing mission to write increasingly unsophisticated blog posts, I was surfing Youtube and I came across a video by someone who calls himself David Meshow. Now this guy can really play guitar but part of his “appeal” (his videos can get millions of views) is the facial expressions he makes while playing (maybe it’s the eyebrows?). A quick glance of the comments beneath each of his videos tells us that it pisses some people off and yet he continues to get huge numbers of views. We’ve all seen drummers who manage to look like they’re chewing 3 toffees and a nettle, bass players who manage to drool 6 feet behind themselves and guitarists who look like they’re having a mid-coitus coronary. Here’s a small selection – these folks are really feeling the music.

1. David Meshow – Nice SG

2. Steve Vai – Playing guitar or watching an episode of The Office (the UK one)?

3. Kyle Gass – Is he wearing a….

4. Matt Bellamy (cool as a cucumber – here because of the lack of expression on this occasion – second MB vid is more like it)

5. B.B. King feeling it. What a legend!

6. Keith Moon – there for his explanation of the goldfish. Priceless.

7. Rodrigo y Gabriela – feel, concentration and focus – a proper “guitar face”

Absolutely no disrespect intended.


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