Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr shares on the forthcoming album from The Cribs…

Johnny Marr former guitarist with The Smiths, currently with The Cribs (and soon to be featured in the GuitarSavvy Guitar Influences section) has gone on record as saying that the forthcoming Cribs album (‘Ignore the Ignorant‘ is due out on 7th September 2009) is the best music he has worked on for 25 years. Now a quick bit of mental arithmatic tells me that we’re talking about stuff that came out in 1984 or so. Looking at the career of Johnny Marr, we’re probably talking about the peak of the Smiths career – so this could be something special.

If you’re too young to remember The Smiths (vocalist Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bass player Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce), this is the Manchester band (formed in 1982) who defined a generation of kids back in the 80’s with some amazing studio albums:

  • The Smiths  (1984)
  • Meat is Murder (1985)
  • The Queen is Dead (1986)
  • Strangeways Here We Come (1987)

The Smiths also released a number of compilation albums between 1984 and 2008).
So The Cribs are currently on tour in the UK and Ireland and you can check them out at a venue near you. If you’re a guitar fan, you should check them out, if only to see the legendary Johnny Marr play (his unique guitar sound stamps its mark over some great sounding tracks – see the vid at the bottom of this post) – tickets are available from Ticketmaster:

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Source: NME News

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