Easter egg hunt to find savings on bestselling guitar course 31 March to 5 April

Between the 31 March and 5 April 2010 there’s an Easter egg hunt going on over at the Jamorama Guitar site. Try to find the Jamorama easter eggs scattered around the Jamorama website and discover links to huge savings on their bestselling guitar course.

These Easter Eggs contain amazing discounts on the Jamorama Standard and Deluxe editions. With savings of up to 50% on our incredible learn to play guitar course why miss out on grabbing a bargain this weekend?

Jamorama is one of the best value online guitar courses available. The standard version is less than 50 dollars US (about 33 pounds or 37 Euros – not bad for a years worth of lessons, eh?). To read a bit more about Jamorama on Guitar Savvy click:

To link directly to the Jamorama site click:

If you’re thinking of taking up guitar, this could be the perfect way to get you started.

Happy Hunting


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