Blast from the past: Steve Vai battles the Karate Kid for his soul!

I was doing the YouTube thing last night and I came across this guitar-duel scene from a borderline cool 80’s movie called Crossroads starring among others Ralph “Karate Kid” Macchio and Steve Vai (who lets his guitar handle all his lines).  Ok, ok, so this video has been around for a while but I remember watching this as a kid thinking how cool it was and asked my folks for a guitar. I got a bike instead and my guitar aspirations went out the window for a long time (how many times have you heard that story?).  That’s the way I remember it anyway and I’m sticking to my story.  Have a look and watch Vai burning up the fretboard!


Incidentally fact-fans, Vai also plays Macchio’s guitar part as well.  The film is named after the legend of Robert Johnson, the bluesman who was reputed to have made a deal with the devil down at the crossroads (rather than after some crummy soap opera set in a motel).


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