2010 is going to be a bumper year for Epiphone fans: 14 new models announced. Commence drooling…

The forthcoming range of Epiphone electric guitars (solid and hollow body), acoustic guitars and bass guitars has been announced on Epiphone.com.  There will be 14 new Epiphone models in the 2010 range:

  • An Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard (50th anniversary)
  • “Tribute” Les Paul Standard
  • Worn 1966 Wilshire
  • Emperor Swingster
  • “1965” Lennon Casino
  • “Inspired by” Revolution Casino
  • Special II GT
  • Graveyard Disciple
  • Inspired by 1964 Texan acoustic
  • The Roy Orbison Signature 12 string acoustic
  • Explorer GT
  • LP Express (a reduced-size Les Paul)
  • SG Express (a reduced-sized SG)
  • Triumph-II Bass


Epiphone has been making guitars for a long time and is now part of the Gibson Co.  If you’re looking for a great quality Les Paul or SG but can’t afford to pay Gibson prices, then an Epiphone Les Paul or SG is the guitar for you. 


Epiphone 2010 New Products Video from Will Jones on Vimeo.

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