John Petrucci Fact File

Name:    John Peter Petrucci 

 Born:      12th July 1967, New York


  • Dream Theater
  • Liquid Tension Experiment
  • Explorer’s Club
  • Jon Finn Group
  • Nightmare Cinema

 Style:     Rock/Progressive Rock

 Weapon(s) of Choice: Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci (JP) BFR and standard model guitars witth DiMarzio pickups.  Mesa Boogie amps/cabinets and Ernie Ball strings.

 Other information:  Produced the excellent John Petrucci Rock Discipline book/cd and DVD course available from Lick Library and other good retailers.

Rock Discipline by John Petrucci
World famous coaching DVD by John Petrucci, Rock Discipline – an essential training programme for guitarists