Joe Satriani Fact File

Name:     Joseph Satriani (“Satch”)

Born:      15th July 1956,  New York


  • Mick Jagger’s lead guitarist (Jagger’s solo tour)
  • Deep Purple
  • G3 (touring collaboration with guitarists such as Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Robert Fripp, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Adrian Legg, Ule Jon Roth, Michel Schenker and Brian May)
  • Chickenfoot

 Style:    Rock (“virtuoso”).

Trivia: Probably one of the most famous guitar teachers around… taught at a San Francisco music store for 10 years where he instructed the likes of Kirk Hammett, Steve Vai and David Bryson (Counting Crows).

Weapon(s) of Choice:  Ibanez JS series guitars (6 and 7 string models), Marshall and Peavey amps, Vox effects pedals (signature range including a wah-wah pedal and a distortion pedal known as the “Satchurator”).



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