Dimebag Darrell Fact File

Name:     Darrell Abbott (Dimebag Darrell – formerly Diamond Darrell)

Born:     20 August 1966 (Arlington, Texas, USA)

Death:     December 8 2004 (gunshot wounds sustained onstage, Alrosa Villa, Columbus, Ohio)


  • Pantera
  • Damageplan

Collaborated with among others, Anthrax, King Diamond and Kid Rock.

Style:  Heavy Metal through and through .  Dimebag played the dirtiest kind of metal guitar you’ll ever hear and I mean that in a good way (check out the riff on the track “Walk” from the album “A Vulgar Display of Power“).

Weapon(s) of Choice:  Dimebag Darrell Abbott always favoured Dean Guitars and there are several Dimebag signature models available (Dimebag himself was instrumental (no pun intended) in the design process of these dean_dimebag_axefrom the shape down to the paint designs.  Seymore Duncan pickups (the “Dimebucker”), Randall Amps and late in his career, Krank Amps. 



 Trivia:  Could have joined Megadeth with Dave Mustaine but turned the offer down because there was no place in Megadeth for his brother Vinnie Paul, drummer with Pantera and Damageplan.  Megadeth already had a drummer.

Pantera play Walk :

Dimebag Darrell explains how he makes the guitar wail at the soundcheck for a Damageplan gig in Tokyo (caution – contains explicit language):

Lick Library - PanteraLick Library Learn To Play Dimebag Darrell - The Solos
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