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  • Guitar DVD Tuition

    The use of DVD guitar tuition is a tried and tested method to learn guitar. There are loads of guitar courses out there and you have a vast range of general guitar courses to very specific courses (tailored to learning to play individual styles or to jam along with the music from your favourite bands) to choose from. The DVD guitar courses I have had most success with are those produced by Lick Library. I have bought several of these Lick Library DVD courses and have always found them to be of a high standard with easy to follow instructions as well as clear and concise descriptions by the presenters showing where your fingers need to be and what each hand should be doing.

    Electric Guitar                        Acoustic Guitar                      C.A.B. Guitar Course            
    Lick Library: Learn to Play Electric Guitar              Lick Library: Acoustic Guitar for Beginners              The Complete Absolute Beginers Guitar Course

    And the major benefit of using DVD tuition is that you can pause, rewind or skip ahead as it suits you. The other major advantage is the vast range of guitar styles and guitar lessons to choose from. There is literally something for everyone.

    Now the really good thing about Lick Library is that it has a whole bunch of online stuff too.  The Lick Library website has a jaw-dropping range of online guitar video tutorials, MP3 tracks for you to jam along with (some of which you need to pay for, some of which are free, but you will need to register with the site to access them) and downloadables.

    Of course, there are countless other DVDs to help you learn to play guitar from sellers such as, Gear 4 Music, Thomann Cyberstore or

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